Posted by: pumzy | June 11, 2009

Religion and Politics

I always despise those clergymen, pastors, bishops and all the other so called ‘servant-of-God’ who not only involve themselves with political affairs but also try to be politicians as well. I mean, they are supposed to spread the word of God and not their own stance and opinion over political issues.

Yes, they may join rallies and peaceful public protests. It’s a citizen’s right, we are a democratic nation. However, calling out to people to go to the streets and join the demonstrators to protest about a political issue is, for me, not a very sacred thing to do. Same goes with forcing your members to vote for a candidate chosen by the head of your religious order, but that’s another story.

Churchmen should not get involve in political affairs!!!

How many times did I use the word politics/political/politician?


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