Posted by: pumzy | October 18, 2008


The 2008 F1 Sinopec Chinese Grand Prix is going to be a riot!

Hamilton’s going to do all possible means of techniques (including the really stupid and selfish ones) to protect his lead over Massa and Kubica. Massa and Kubica on the other hand will try to sneak in front of the careless and feisty McLaren driver avoiding any accidents that Lewis almost often brings to his fellow drivers trying to race him. Then there’s Alonso who is so eager to help Massa win over Lewis as he made public his desire to see Ferrari win the championship rather than his old friends in the McLaren. Of course the defending champ will also try to do everything in his capacity to help his team mate win for Ferrari.

Add those all up and it seems like that Massa’s got the upperhand! Why? Maybe because Lewis’ freakishly selfish maneuvering in the track alienated each and every other drivers in F1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the management of F1 opens up a poll today and ask each driver who’d they like to win the championship this year and Lewis gets voted behind Massa and Kubica.

Got nothing against Hamilton. His style of driving is fantastic but his selfishness almost always gets the better of him.

And oh, did you that last lap in last week’s Fuji GP? Hamilton tried so furiously to unlap himself that he looked like he wanted to bump Alonso (who was on his way to winning the race) off track. Alonso just laughed his ass off and gentlemanly got off the racing line to let the Tazmanian devil breeze through.

Pride, pride, pride. Pathetic!


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