Posted by: pumzy | September 8, 2008

Drama at Spa

Wow! What an exciting race and what a great scramble to the chequered flag that was! The race at Spa really provided much drama as what was anticipated during the whole weekend. The race saw Hamilton spinning just before the last turn of the very first lap, recovered and held on to the lead only to let the slip streaming Kimi overtook him. Thereafter it was Kimi all the way building the gap and sucking all the pressure from Lewis whenever the young Brit would close in on him. For 37 laps, the excitement on the track was provided more by the midfielders with the likes of Bourdais, Vettel, Heidfeld, Kubica, Alonzo and Picquet and Trulli pulled overtaking maneuvers and raced like hell to secure the best place available after the big three. Heiki pulled a lot of exciting tricks passing cars even after a poor start and after being penalized with a drive through penalty for causing a collision with Webber.

Then came the last five laps when Lewis was trailing Kimi by just a second and the season leading driver showing again how determined he is to add another victory to his very young F1 career.  Inch by inch Lewis was closing in on Kimi with the McLaren having a better grip and speed using the harder tires. Then the rain came which provided more advantage to the silver team. The mad dash to the finish started on the 41st lap which saw Kimi and Lewis muscling each other for track position. The whole attention of the race shifted quickly back to the two drivers in front of the field. They were both driving like crazy! Overtaking, spinning, getting off track, defending left and right, breaking too early, being too cautious at times, being too aggressive in some parts of the track, bumping each other… and Kimi’s accident! I fell on my seat…jeez!

I can say a million more words but I’d like to summarize my observations as follows:

  • Raikkonnen folded under immense pressure. Not only did he not win the race, he was not able to finish it.
  • Raikkonnen is a poor driver in wet condition.
  • Hamilton is a better all around driver than the Ferrari drivers.
  • Ferrari still has a bit of an edge in straightline speed but McLaren has the better overall package.
  • Massa should have gambled into putting on intermediate tires.
  • The smart gamble of Heidfeld to switch to intermediates with only two laps remaining paid off big time as he snatched a podium finish.
  • Force India cars are still the slowest in the track.
  • Bourdais showed some flashes of brilliance during the majority of the race but was unable to haul more points when it started raining.
  • Toro Rosso team is rising fast!
  • Hamilton is going to win this season’s championship not only with his excellent driving skills but also by his big heart and hunger.
  • Having a clear numero uno driver helps a team to produce a better championship contender.

I can’t wait for the Ferrari to announce that the Maestro is coming out of retirement to drive for the scarlet team again. I can’t wait to see Lewis and Schumi wheel to wheel on the track!


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