Posted by: pumzy | July 24, 2008


This morning, I was informed by the office admin that I have to go and fly earlier tomorrow afternoon (economy again!) instead of the scheduled early Saturday trip. Reason is that Saturday is the designated maintenance day for the firetruck in the air strip in Babo, Irian Jaya, Indonesia where our company plane is based. They’ve only got one fire truck and have to cancel all flights scheduled during the maintenance day or when there’s something to be fixed in that truck. Whatdafawk!

Now, that’s just fine by me. The thing that irritated me is the hotel thing. This admin staff told me that I have to share a room with another fellow. Crap! Are you freaking kidding me? First, I have to fly on economy with the rest of the papuans while all the other expats are in the business class. Now, I have to even share a hotel room. They must be crazy. I can’t accept that. I will not accept that. They have to find me a nice, decent hotel room where I can get a comfortable sleep while waiting for my connecting flight the next day or just re-schedule my flight to a latter day and give me some sort of compensation for the delay.

I’ve been too nice and cooperating for three years, enduring all those unfair treatment these Indonesians in the admin section gave me. I can’t stay too tame and nice if this is what I am constantly getting. Can somebody explain them the meaning of the words ‘loyalty’, ‘expatriate’, ‘fairness’ and ‘privacy’ to these dummies?



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