Posted by: pumzy | July 22, 2008

Office Life

Since July 2005, I’ve been working seven days a week inside the office doing the same thing over and over again. Although sometimes there were some extra activities I got involved in like when someone’s on vacation or somebody could not make it to work due to sickness or some personal reasons. Three years of seven-day work week (10 hours Mon-Sat and 8 hours during Sundays) ARRRGG!

I have no life. All work and no play. No diversion at all.

Sometimes I even feel that I should get married to my computer because I spend more time with it than my family. From 7 AM to 6 PM I hold and caress my mouse and keyboard (LOL) and I stare endlessly to my monitor. I only get a break every four months when I earn the right to visit my family for three weeks (sometimes shorter).

This office is starting to look freaky to me. Recently, the walls seem to be talking to me in some incomprehensible language. The flooring feels soft. Every step I take feels as if I am walking over a bed or something. Is this the effect of three years of monotonous living, err working? Or maybe my imagination’s just getting way too much super charged because of those extra cups of coffee I drink whenever I feel sleepy…like every 100 minutes.

Maybe I should get a new job. Hmmm. But will I get at least the same compensation and benefits? Will I be closer to my family?



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