Posted by: pumzy | July 19, 2008

Low Energy Level

I am feeling very tired and exhausted this morning. My energy level is so low. I am too fagged out to even open my e-mails. Lazy day coming up.

Is this a sign of aging? Can’t be. Maybe I just need a power booster. If only they sell magic beans in the office commissary, I’d be flying around right now.

I have to freshen up and take some rest. Stay away from the gym for a couple of days perhaps. Sleep earlier and eat healthier. Sigh… This is the downside of being a human. You can’t stay sharp everyday of your life.



  1. Sorry to hear about your low energy level…perhaps it’ll be better tomorrow. I must say, I was stunned by the picture at the top of your blog! Wow! Where is that?

    Anyway, hope you sleep well!

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