Posted by: pumzy | July 18, 2008

Eye Bags

My eye bags are bigger than ever. Seven straight nights of battling with sleeplessness is really not good both for my health and my physical appearance. I look and feel exhausted throughout the day. I sometimes even wander around the office like a confused and weary man so early in the morning.

Maybe this is because of way too much thinking about my upcoming vacation. I am going back home in a little over a week’s time. I am as excited as a kid having his first ride in his very first bicycle.

What can I do to get more sleep? I’ve added extra time and program to my regular gym routines assuming that if I tire myself more it’ll be easier for me to get some shut eye. Ineffective! I’ve tried reading a book while lying on my bed. Ineffective! I’ve tried listening to relaxing and soothing music while closing my eyes hoping that when I open ’em again it’s six o’clock in the morning. Still ineffective! I just keep on tossing and turning from side to side.

Is there any device available in the market which aids insomniacs? How about pills? Oh no, forget about the pills. I hate pills. Sigh…


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