Posted by: pumzy | July 11, 2008

Thanks Laundryman

Ooops… I did it again!

This morning, I just put the alarm clock to snooze mode right after the alarm sounded and went back to sleep. I just wanted to take an extra five minutes of light sleep. But the clock never sounded its alarm again!!!!!

I wanted to add 10 more exclamation marks but the text wouldn’t look good LOL

I was enjoying my extended nap and having all sorts of short, weird dreams.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Laundry!

Then this knock on my door woke me up. The laundryman was at my front door wondering why it’s almost 7 AM and my laundry bag was nowhere to be found. I thought I was still dreaming when I stood up then the persistent knocking made me realize that I was already awake and late for work. I hurriedly gather my laundry bag and put the list inside together with the soiled shirts and pants then gave it to the waiting gorilla laundryman. Took a very brief shower, fixed myself and went straight to the office.

I arrived 7:01 AM here at the office. Damn a minute late. I think I need ten more alarm clocks to make sure I wake up early to avoid this from happening again.

Thanks laundryman! You just rescued me from another day off the office just because I overslept.


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