Posted by: pumzy | June 26, 2008

I Believe I can Fly

Hypothetical Question: What if humans could actually fly by levitation?

Instead of driving license one would have a flying license.

Literally speaking, Flying Voters would be literally speaking! LOL (ang labo)

It’s going to be extremely difficult for immigration officials to control the influx of illegal aliens, flying voters and unidentified flying men.

The next hot and creamy thing that’d drop straight into your forehead might not just be a bird poop but possibly a human poop.

New sports would be included in the Olympics to accommodate competition in flying skills.

Height does not wouldn’t matter.

The Princess of the Stars tragedy wouldn’t even happen as nobody would sail across the sea if flying is an option (and free).

Ladders, elevators and escalators?

The Wright brothers would just be known as inventors of a vehicle for disabled humans who could not fly high or fast enough or could not fly at all.

Johnnie Walker: Do not drink and fly.


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