Posted by: pumzy | June 25, 2008

The Ten Commandments

You know what’s funny?

Millions of laws exist around the world just to follow the ten commandments. šŸ™‚

We are actually making our lives more complex each day with the continuous creation of new laws. Rules that will either hamper the way we do things around us or impede our way to a successful happy life (to a certain extent). You can’t even enjoy chewing your favorite bubble gum in Singapore for crying out loud!
When I visited the place on December of 2006 I had to make sure that I dispose all my Double Mint gums in my back pack before disembarking from my bird.

What are the two major contributors to this round-the-clock law production?

Technology. Applied science brings convenience to our daily lives. We rarely rely on our physical power no more. Machines are invented to help us do the strenuous and dirty jobs. You just hit a button and you can just relax and watch your favorite tv show. Transportation and communication is easier and faster. This blog will not even exist without the Internet.

All products of the big T.

However, in the left side of the quadrant lies the negative package that sometimes spoils all the fun. Technology can be abused. Our lifestyle can be changed (both good and bad) by a simple new invention. It brings pollution which leads to even more complex and intertwined events that we are now experiencing like climate change, global warming, flooding, new migratory patterns for animals, etc .

Population. The rapid growth of world population is directly proportional to possible crimes being committed. Chaos is inevitable if lawmakers don’t revise old laws and make new laws to cope with over population. Maybe there will come a time that China’s one child policy will become the one child law and might be applied also to some countries.

Good luck to our new aspiring lawyers as they will have their hands full of more laws to memorize. Some of them might even consider becoming a priest instead. Only ten laws to follow šŸ™‚ Here they are:


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