Posted by: pumzy | June 24, 2008


Dear Papa Jhesus, Uncle Ahlla, Brother Bhudda and Santo Papa,

Spending four months away from my family doing nothing but stare blankly to my 17-inch radiation-factory monitor while constantly overhearing other people in the office cussing over the phone gives me hell-in-the-office-plus-homesickness syndrome. I am getting more and more vulnerable to newly invented maladies, both psychologically and physiologically, as I stay longer here in Indonesia. Sprouting from the back of my mind is the horror of dealing with boredom everyday for an unknown duration.

Why wouldn’t our home office send one of those stick in the mud guys in Makati to cover the remaining year of client support here? Isn’t three years of working in the middle of the jungle floating in the middle of a big bay lying in the middle of an archipelago which is in the middle of an ocean enough?

Papa Jhesus, Uncle Ahlla, Brother Bhudda and Santo Papa please help me make it through another month and a half in here. Everyday I feel jaded that I want to scream profanities to my bumbay officemates and neighbors. Please help me stay sane and keep my slightly used brain from making any unsound judgment.

Lovingly yours,

P.S. Please let Mr. Manny Pacquiao win his incoming fight against Mr. Diaz so that my countrymen will have something to be joyful for amidst the constant chaos that is happening in our country. Lastly, if ever the inventor of Vicks VapoRub is already enjoying his/her time with you guys there in the paradise please send my regards and thanks. I can breathe better now because of this magic poison potion turned into ointment.


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