Posted by: pumzy | June 23, 2008

Typhoon Frank Ravaged the Philippines

Frank’s Footprints:

  • A ferry named The Princess of the Star sank off Sibuyan Island (Romblon) with more than 700 passengers  aboard the ship.
  • Manila flooded after heavy rains, transportation affected.
  • Flood leaves at least 30,000 on rooftops in Iloilo City.
  • Classes suspended in Metro Manila and twelve other provinces.
  • Electricity, telephone lines down.
  • Thousands of ferry passengers stranded as ship operations are suspended.

Once again, the Philippines was hit by a very strong typhoon leaving devastation in its path. Another fury of mother nature struck the pearl of the orient and again proved that the councils, organizations and government agencies were unprepared to deal with such force of nature even if we’ve experienced the same situation many times in the past.

What’s the real hurry that the operators of the The Princess of the Star ferry risked the lives of their passengers braving through a very strong typhoon? Didn’t the coast guards send at least a warning about the possibility of big waves and strong winds? What the hell were the people in Sulpicio Lines thinking? Haven’t they learned from their past experiences?

It is impossible (at least for now) to stop or blast off a storm, most people know that. It is also impossible to divert it. But it is always possible to be prepared! News agencies are spreading the information from the weather bureau to the public 24/7 through television, radio and print media. We should be listening and we should be doing what should be done to better equip ourselves against a typhoon or even relocate our family temporarily to a safer place if we already know that flooding has been a perennial problem in our neighborhood. Timidness has no place in the current times.



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  3. sure manure! 😀

    I like NCO a lot. Gives me a chance to see my home town and its lovely people even when I’m away working.

    Keep it up! Go Sayans!

    or is it Sciencians (CNSHS)?


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