Posted by: pumzy | June 18, 2008

Watch Movies Online

Lazy and boring afternoons (like right now ^-^ ) always give me the chance to dig into the net to find available movies to watch online. Recently shown and/or released movies are always available for your viewing pleasure. I’d like to see more old movies offered for free viewing though. I just hope I can somehow download a free software that I can use to record the movies. If so, then I can record on the background whatever movies I like then watch ’em later like a 3-4 movie marathon (winks).

Here are the two sites where I get to watch free movies (tv series, anime and more…):

I am watching The Andromeda Strain right now.



  1. I’ve seen those websites. It gets a little difficult with links not working and movie quality isn’t that good. But what more could you ask for? It’s free!

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  3. Here’s a site for all the latest free movies

  4. Here’s an updated list of free movies websites:

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