Posted by: pumzy | June 17, 2008

What Is This All About?

This morning as I was perusing through my daily dose of news, blogs and corny jokes, I stumbled upon the idea of starting my own web blog here in wordpress. Say just to go with what’s the current fad among web addicts. I actually am not new to this sort of thing as I have already tried this stuff with blogspot before transferring to a less popular blog hosting site of BlogText.

Okay, I just wanted to try to write whatever comes to my mind which is not appropriate to my mostly Tagalog LateBloomer blog. I will not concentrate on a certain category, just whatever my bored and slightly used encephalon tells me to talk about, research for and write or read about.

Let the blogging begins!

Susmiyo, ang hirap pala magsulat ng ingles na blog!

(Translation: God, I didn’t know it’s this hard to write an English blog!) 🙂


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