Posted by: pumzy | June 17, 2008

Prove Me Wrong LA Lakers!

As much as I would like to root for the Lakers, which suddenly became the underdogs after blowing up a 24-point first quarter lead in Game 4, I’d rather not. I believe they are finished. The Lakers are still playing in the NBA finals only because of Kevin Garnett and his inability to calm his nerves during winning time. No. Not because of the referees. I don’t even believe in the conspiracy involving other referees in fixing NBA games even with the ‘what-the-hell-I-am-pulling-all-of-my-colleagues-down-with-me’ confession that that convicted Donaghy dude pulled off. The purple and gold glamour team will be defeated in Boston tomorrow unless KG again provides some help with chicken plays down the stretch…assuming of course that by the last two minutes of the game the Celtics are not leading by twenty plus points.

The ‘power plays’ that Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom delivered in Game 5 can be considered as somewhat of an aberration considering how pillowy soft they’ve become in the game’s biggest stage. I think the two will come back to being allergic to contact will shy away from too much body banging down low. With or without Perkins, the Celtics collection of defensive bullies will prevail over the lanky LA big men.

I can’t believe that a Western Conference team (not named Suns, at least before Shaq became the Big Cactus) is the one considered as the flab team against a Leastern Conference representative. What happened to the common notion that any team which comes out of the brutally competitive Western Conference should be the champs? Or that the Western Conference Finals is the real NBA finals?

I picked the Lakers to win the series 4-1 even before the Celtics-Pistons series was over. I thought the Lakers will win one of their two first road games then sweep the middle three home games in LA. Yeah, versus the Celtics or versus the Pistons. Now, I am scratching my head for how much I undermined the Boston Celtics’ capability to topple the LA Lakers. Good thing all of my friends are also betting for the Lakers that I was not able to wager money against the Celtics. ^_^

Whatever Kobe does in Game 6, the series will end 4-2 with Boston collecting their first ever championship after the Bird Era.

How I’ll love it for the Lakers to prove me wrong!

–> I am listening to The Unforgiven by Metallica while writing this post.


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